After taking quite a long holiday time, it’s good to get back to work and earn money ( Yes!).

But sometimes I feel I need something new to do, something extraordinary to do rather than do the usual things all over again.

Creating website is the thing I love to do, but I would like to broaden my skills not only limited to HTML, PHP and CSS but I would love to learn about any other programming language.

The thing I am curious about is building an iPhone Application. It is like the ‘boom’ session of building iPhone application, most of big companies / business have their own iPhone apps.

The other thing is building a great facebook page using the developer tools.

Well, I need to have the courage to do all of these, because there is nothing impossible to do.

I have done some projects but I haven’t had time to put it to my portfolio:

  • Holidays for Singles
  • Nick and Nick cleaning
  • Purearth new website
  • Ezy furnishing
  • Business and You
  • Small Business Finance Exhibition

This lists will come up soon in my portfolio